Over the years that we have been running LaserTAG parties, a number of questions keep coming up.  Here is a list of the main ones that we encounter and the corresponding answers.  Hopefully this will clear up any questions that you might have, but feel free to call us if there is anything you are not sure of and one of our friendly party team will be more than happy to help.


1. What is the minimum age for children at LaserTAG parties?

We set a lower age limit of 6-years old for LaserTAG parties.  This is based on our experience of running these parties and the ability of younger children to listen to and follow the safety instructions given by the LaserTAG commander and to understand and follow the rules of the different types of LaserTAG games that are played during the party


2. What is the minimum number of children required for a LaserTAG Party?

We have set the minimum number of children for midweek parties at 10 children and 12 children for parties at the Peak Times (Fri-Sun and school holidays).


3. What is the Maximum number of children allowed at a LaserTAG Party?

The maximum number of children at LaserTAG parties is dictated by the number and availability of the LaserTAG Phasers (i.e. the guns).  As a result we set the maximum number of party guests at 18.  This is the maximum number that we are able to host for any party and we are unable to exceed it.


4. I've heard that you have more than 18 Laser Guns - why then can't I bring along more children to the party?

Yes, we do indeed have a couple of additional guns.  However, we have found that we always need to keep a few spares as sometimes a gun will stop working during the party - either because it has been dropped, has developed a fault or for some other random "electronic" reason.  As we want to ensure that EVERY player at the party gets the full LaserTag party experience we limit the number of children at the party to 18 to ensure that whatever happens we should have enough guns to enable each child to participate in all of the games.


5. I sent out invitations to more than 18 children expecting some of them to not come, but everyone has accepted - can we use the spare guns for the extra children?

Sorry, but no.  For the reasons outlined above, the number of children that we can accept at a LaserTag Party is 18.  It would be better to invite 18 people at the outset and then only invite others if some of these guests are unable to come to the party.  This saves the disappointment of someone coming to the party and not being able to play LaserTag.


6. I originally booked for less than the maximum, but I want to increase the number of children at the party.  Is this okay?

Absolutely!  Provided the maximum number doesn't exceed our capacity of 18 we are happy to accommodate a few additional guests.  Simply let us know the final numbers a couple of days before the big day so that we can ensure the kitchen prepares the right amount of food for your party and the party room is properly set up for the correct number of guests


7. The little (or big) brother/sister of one of our party guests isn't actually at the party - can they get a gun to join in if there is one spare?

Sorry, but no.  LaserTAG guns are only for use by children that are one of the invited guests at the party and have been included in the price for the party


8. If I book a party package do I get exclusive use of TimeTwisters?

During your first hour and a half at the party while the children are playing in the play structure and getting their party food, TimeTwisters will be open as usual (though as the time moves towards our closing time at 6pm the centre will inevitably get quieter).  At 6pm however, the centre closes to the general public and you and your party group will have exclusive use of the centre for the LaserTAG portion of the party


9. Okay, that all sounds briliant...How do I book?

Like all of our parties, booking a LaserTAG party is easy, simply click BOOK ONLINE link on the "PARTIES" drop-down menu at the top of this page.  From there, select your preferred date on the calendar, then select your choice of party package, and on the next screen the number of people expected at the party.  The next screen will show the available times that are available on your chosen date.  If all times are booked on that date, a message stating that all available slots are taken – in which case please select a different date.  Otherwise select your preferred date and continue with the booking – following the on-screen instructions. Your booking is confirmed once the deposit payment is made.  If you are in any doubt at all simply call on of our friendly party team on 0131 308 2464