Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get regarding our Soft Play Parties.  If you cannot find the answer to your question from the list below however, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form on the right hand side of this page or call us on 0131 639 0129

What are the minimum numbers for Soft Play Parties?

The "standard" minimum number of children for a Soft Play Party is 12 children (including the birthday Star (or stars) of the party).  Our "standard" minimum numbers apply at weekends and during all school holidays.

During "off-peak times" (Monday to Friday during school term dates), minimum numbers for all Soft Play Parties are reduced to just 10 children


What If I don't have the minimum number for a party?

The "minimum numbers" refer the the minimum charge for the party rather than a strict minimum on the number of attendees.  Therefore you can still book a party if you have less than the minimum numbers outlined above, but you will be charged a price based on the minimum numbers.


What is the maximum number of attendees?

In simple terms, our larger party room can accommodate up to 36 children.  However, to some extent this depends on the age (and therefore the size) of the children.  When hosting larger parties, it may be necessary to adjust table layouts in order to comfortably accommodate all the children in the party room.  This is likely to mean that all of the children will not all be seated around the same table(s)

Therefore, if you are planning a large party please discuss the specific details with one of our managers to ensure your group can be accommodated comfortably.


How many adults do we need to bring?

The simple answer is - not very many!  In fact having lots of adults attending can sometimes make it more difficult for our party hosts to do the job of running your party the way it should be run.  Our team is there to make sure everything runs smoothly, so the parents of the party children can relax and enjoy the occasion.  

When your party group arrives you will be directed towards a specific seating area set aside for your group.  This will be located outside the party room where the children at the party will have their birthday meal.  Space in this seating area is limited, but can comfortably accommodate 6-10 adults.  Please not that more than 6 adults attending the party will be charged at £2 per person.


How can I book a Soft Play Party?

We have 3 options:  In person, by telephone, or online


In Person:  Simply pop into TimeTwisters any time during our opening hours (9.30am until 6.00pm) and one of our party team will be able to complete the whole booking process for you.  You then have the choice to pay the booking deposit in either cash or any major credit card.


By Telephone:  A bit more convenient if you are not able to come in and visit us, simply call us on 0131 639 0129 and again one of the party team can complete the whole booking for you.  The party booking deposit can be paid by any major credit card


Online:  Probably the most convenient of all as you can book your party at anytime night or day (24/7) without having to wait until the play centre is open. This is a completely secure online booking system with secure online payment facilities provided by WorldPay, which can accept any of the major credit cards.

What deposit is required to secure a booking?

Party bookings require a 50% deposit in order to confirm the booking and secure the date and time of your party.  A party booking is not confirmed until the required deposit is paid.  Any bookings that have been made, but not confirmed (i.e. the deposit has not been paid), will automatically be deleted from our system after 7-days.  At this point, the party date and time can be booked by someone else and may therefore not be available


I was trying to book a party but something went wrong when I was paying the deposit and the time I wanted is no longer available.  What should I do?

As we know these sort of things can happen for any number of reasons - either a the web browser crashed, something didn't work properly at the payment gateway or any number of technical reasons.  If it does happen...DON'T PANIC!!  In most cases the party date and time you were booking has been set-aside in your name and simply needs to booking deposit to be paid in order to confirm the booking.  Simply phone TimeTwisters on 0131 639 0129 in order to confirm that the booking has been made and complete the booking process by paying the required deposit.


What happens once I've booked my party and Paid my deposit?

Once the booking process is complete, we'll send you our confirmation of your booking showing all of the details that we have on our system regarding your party.  Please check this carefully and let us know as soon as possible if there are any mistakes or if you would like to make any changes. 

Along with your party confirmation, we'll also send out the invitations for your party for you to send out to each of your party guests.  We generally send out the number of invitation for the number of children that you have booked for, but on request we can send out up to an additional 5 invitations with your confirmation.


What happens if all the people that I've invited can't come to the party?

We know this can happen and we can quite easily accommodate changes to the number of guests at your party.  Simply let us know (preferably by email to to confirm the number of people that will be attending.  This will enable us to ensure that the kitchen prepares the right amount of food for your party and ensures everything runs smoothly on the day.  Please let us know at least 72 hours before your party if the expected number of guests has changed.

Unlike some places though we don't believe you should pay for guests that for whatever reason are not able to attend (or simply do not turn up), and will only charge for the number of children that are actually at the party.  This however, is still subject to the minimum party numbers as outlined at the top of this page.  If the actual number of attendees is less than these minimums you will still be charged for the minimum number of guests.


What if more children come to the party than I originally booked for?

Again, this is relatively easy for us to accommodate - provided we get some additional notice of the increase in numbers.  As before, this is mainly to ensure that the kitchen is adequately prepared and makes enough food for the number of guests.  Letting us know about the increase - at least 2-3 days before your party date, will ensure that everything runs much smoother on the day of your party.

As stated previously, you only pay for the number of children that attend (subject to usual minimum numbers)


When will I be required to pay the balance for my party?

As we only charge for the number of children that actually attend the party (subject to our normal minimum numbers) we do not take the final payment until the day of your party.  Shortly after your arrival (and once all of your guests have arrived) one of the party hosts attending your party (or our party coordinator) will simply ask that you make your way to reception in order to pay your balance.