If you’re looking for UNLIMITED FUN for your child (or children) for the best value possible, then you’ve just a click away from joining the brand new King Tuts Kids Club at TimeTwisters.

Everything about your Membership is explained below, but if you’re excited to just get set-up and begin to enjoy all the benefits of membership now... Just click the button (if you’ve got more than one child though, go to the bottom of the page for even more fantastic savings!)


(this is the link for one child.  If you have more than one child
check out the discounted rates at the bottom of this page!)

What can you expect when you join?


As a member of the King Tuts Kids Club you can come and play any time, any day of the week, and not pay a single penny for entry.

Stay as long as you like:

When the kids are having so much fun, why should they have to stop? With your King Tuts Kids Club Membership every time you visit you can stay for as long as you like without incurring any additional charges.

Or just pop in for a short visit:

Sometimes you don’t have lots of time to spare – whether it’s at the end of a shopping trip or as a quick after-school treat – no problem… just pop into TimeTwisters and let the kids run around for a quick 1/2 an hour or so while you sit down and relax Either way all of your entry costs are included in the one low-cost monthly Direct Debit.


Our Award Winning Restaurant offers the widest range of meals to suit every taste. Everything is freshly prepared and cooked to order – so don’t expect the usual rubbish that you might find in other play centres! After all, TimeTwisters have won the Play Providers Association award for Best Food in the UK… not once, but twice! So, eating at TimeTwisters is much more like a proper Restaurant Dining Experience – but much better value. And, with your 10% membership discount it’s even better value for money

10% off Drinks for the Kids AND the Parents*

Running around and having fun is thirsty work! So whatever refreshment the kids need to keep cool, whether a simple bottle of water, a refreshing slush, a tasty milkshake or any one of our soft drinks range, your membership card will give you a refreshing 10% discount

Not forgetting the Parents…

Of course, parents can also enjoy a refreshing cold drink as well, but we’ve also got something a bit more grown up for you (though not alcoholic…sorry!). We serve some of the best coffees (from a simple Americano to a smooth Latte or rich Mocha), Full bodied Hot Chocolate, and Tasty Teas that you’ll find anywhere in town. And, with your 10% membership discount they’ll taste even better!

15% Discount on ALL Make-a-Bear Items

Our Teddy Bear Summerhouse and Garden area offers a wide range of the softest, cuddliest, furry friends for your little one. Whether they want to Build a Bear, Stuff a Sheep or Make a Mongoose there’s something for everyone and cuddles galore. With your King Tut’s Kids Club Membership you’ll not only get 15% all our animals, but also off ALL clothing and accessories too!


It’s never as much fun when you’re playing on your own, and there’s usually lots of new friends to make when you visit TimeTwisters. However, sometimes you’ll want to come along with your best friend (or even your brother or sister). Well, with your new membership you can get them into TimeTwisters for a bit less! If they come in with you and are entered as part of the same group as the membership holder, you’ll get 15% off their entry costs. This isn’t an offer that you can only use a couple of times, but you can use it as often as you like for as long as you’re a member! Of course, if they are coming a lot (or even just a couple of time a month), it will still be cheaper to get their own membership.


Of course, as a King Tut’s Kids Club Member, you’ll also get exclusive early access and discounts to our ticketed events (such as our famous Halloween Party).  We’ll email you as soon as we open our online booking so that you can avoid the rush.



You’ll be pleased to know that joining the King Tut Kids Club is really easy.


This will take you to the GoCardless Payment Page to get the details for the one-off joining fee plus the first month’s subscription. The joining fee covers such things as setting up your membership account, your membership card, producing and sending out your welcome pack and setting up your Direct Debit.

See the table below for details of the applicable joining fees. Reduced joining fees apply when more than one child is joining at the same registered address. One membership card is issued for each membership address – rather than for each individual child.


Once your joining fee payment is received, we’ll rush your new membership pack to you. Most importantly, this will contain your new membership card that is your pass to Unlimited Fun at TimeTwisters. We’ll also add you to our approved members list so that you can enjoy all of your membership benefits right away


Once you’ve joined, a monthly Direct Debit Payment will be taken to cover the cost of the monthly subscription. This will ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of your King Tut Membership every month without any hassle. Yes, it’s as simple as that! All of the complicated financial stuff, joining fee payment and monthly direct debits are handled totally securely by GoCardless – so TimeTwisters will never be able to directly access any of your banking details

The monthly subscription amount is dependent on the number of children on your membership. The table below shows the different rates for one, two or three children. If you would like to discuss rates for 4 children or more, please call us on 0131 308 2464 and one of our management team will be happy to help.


We know how expensive it can be when you’ve got a bigger family. In fact, one of the main questions we get asked is “I’ve got more that one child – can I get a discount?”

Well, the simple answer is “YES!!”

When setting up a membership for more than one child at the same time (at the same address) you’ll not only get a lower Joining Fee per child but also the Monthly Direct Debit fees for each additional child is reduced.  In fact, there are additional discounts for EVERY additional child - roughly 6% off the second child, an additional 6% off the third child and so on.

One Child

Total Joining Fee


Total Monthly DD

£9.95 Join Now

Two Childdren

Total Joining Fee


Total Monthly DD

£19.30 Join Now

Three Children

Total Joining Fee


Total Monthly DD

£28.10 Join Now

Four Children

Total Joining Fee


Total Monthly DD

£36.35 Join Now

Five Children

Total Joining Fee


Total Monthly DD

£44.10 Join Now

Six Children

Total Joining Fee


Total Monthly DD

£51.40 Join Now

Join our new King Tuts Kids Club Today and get ready for UNLIMITED FUN!

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