We love being able to bring the study of Ancient Egypt to life and really capture children’s imaginations! That’s probably one of the reasons why TimeTwisters has become an eagerly anticipated school outing for many local school children. Our support of the syllabus set by the Scottish Primary Schools Curriculum for Excellence, also makes us an equally popular trip for teachers. (It does help that we serve some of the best coffee in Edinburgh too!)

We love to cater for school parties, and if you think your students could benefit from an afternoon experiencing some of the sights of Ancient Egypt right here in Edinburgh, then just give us a quick call on (0131 639 0129) and have a chat with one of our team.

TimeTwisters extends learning in an extensively themed environment that includes highly detailed examples of classic Ancient Egyptian architecture:
  • A large Temple Pylon similar in style to those at the temples of Karnak, Edfu or Philae (and many others)
  • Papyroform Columns (as found in many temple designs)
  • Statues and Wall Friezes and Hieroglyphic carvings
  • Sarcophagus
  • Hand painted scenes of famous landmarks (The Grand Portico at the Temple of Philae and the Main Entrance of the Abu Simbel)

There are also various activities and puzzles that give children the opportunity to learn even more about Ancient Egypt, and we also have activity sheets to take away and work on after your TimeTwisters visit.

But it’s not just history that children can experience here at TimeTwisters! A visit to us is as much about exercise as it is about education…

As part the Play4Life campaign, local schools visited us recently and we fitted all children with pedometers to record the number of steps undertaken during their visit.  Their teachers were most impressed that during the hour the most active children achieved over 5,500 steps!

Actually, the exercise that the children get is more than just steps – with various crawls, climbs, swings and slides, the physical exercise enjoyed is a much more “whole body” benefit!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to talk to us about your young students’ next visit here at TimeTwisters, just get in touch on 0131 639 0129.