It’s an adventure into Ancient Egypt, where our brave young explorers can battle ancient mummies in their mysterious tombs and cross treacherous rope bridges over deadly snake pits.

They’ll fly over crocodile-infested swamps, swing on ropes, and crawl through underground tunnels, encountering all manner of ancient creatures.

But of course, the TimeTwisters adventure would not be complete without learning some valuable insights into life in Ancient Egyptian life.

Indoor Play Area Edinburgh

Who doesn’t learn better when they’re having fun?

And if that’s not enough; there’s always a fantastic banquet awaiting a hungry adventurer at the end of their journey, courtesy of our talented team of highly experienced chefs.


We’re also committed to another important cause and that’s supporting children’s education.

We love being able to bring the study of Ancient Egypt to life and really capture children’s imaginations! That’s probably one of the reasons why TimeTwisters has become an eagerly anticipated school outing for many local school children.

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